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marie claire.it 2012 october

My life in 5 steps

step 1: Even when I was a young girl, I loved to make clothes for my dolls and dress them.  
step 2: In my teenage years, we had to wear uniforms for school but I always liked to style it differently from the other students and stood out from the other students.  Therefore, my nickname was 'The fashionista'  

(current):I am a woman who loves and adores fashion.  It is what completes me. 

step 4:A happy life connecting with others that love my fashion/style. 
step 5:I want to remembered as someone who lived a life dedicated to fashion. 

Why are you still blogging? 
To me, this questions is like asking, "Why do you wear clothes? "  Nobody dresses for blogging.  I blog because I dress everyday.  

What is beauty to you? 
(Are you asking about beauty? or fashion?)
People say that three necessities in life are clothes food and shelter.  
To me, it comes in the order of fashion, food, then shelter. 
If people wear "clothes" to protect themselves, I wear "fashion" to express myself.  

Why did you decide to street blog? 
There is no specific reason or plan behind starting my blog.  I just wanted to keep a record of myself and that place happened to be my blog.  

Your next career step?
I would like to make myself known globally.  I would like to spread the fashion of Korea and connect with the rest of the world. 

From. ene

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