Vintage shirt

Vintage shirt

I love the shirt, and the clutch!!!
I want to get another colored one.


Fashion eyewear "grafik:plastic"


I had this photo shoot for grafik:plastic, a winner of 2012 reddot design award.
For the celebration, they took 2000 faces as a picture.
The first picture is my face without grafik:plastic and the second one is the same face with grafik:plastic.
Which one is better? :) "grafik:plastic" always gives us new looks!!


Color blocking

Today I wore a Celine shirt, flat shoes by Once and matched it with a Her-ism tote!
I am so into color blocking these days~ check out the pink, lemon & black!!

The tote resemble a BIRKIN BAG.


ZARA strap high hills


"enemood" Seoul Fashion Snap

Yesterday I had a street fashion photo shoot for Konest, a Korean travel guide site for Japanese tourists.
The number of tourists are continually increasing and I am so proud as a Korean! I feel like I have done
something for my country and I hope that many foreigners get to know Korean fashion style like myself~ lol :)

My hairband is from H&M and the strap high hills are from ZARA.
I love them both so much!!!!