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T-shirts and Jeans

@Siwy Hannah Odyssey

People like to see the women wearing jeans with white T-shirts so if it is cool just like that.
It is very simple and easy styling but at the same time it can be the best looking.

sunglasses - The Numero
T-shirts  - no brand
pants - Siwy
bag - Celine
shoes - Joie




JOYRICH in Korea

L.A. fshion brand "JOYRICH" recently opened in Korea.
It was very exciting for me because I really like their style!

I took a picture with David. He is a JOYRICH designer.





The T-shirts "HIPANDA" is a version of the snow white princess. So cute!!
And the Englox rubber shoes are good for a rainy day.

sunglasses - SUPER
pants - ZARA
shoes - Englox



Kustom Converse

Kustom Converse

The pants I am wearing are by Siwy_Hanna songbird.
I changed the lace of the denim-converse and it looks so special.

sunglass - Colab
top - Gap
pants - Siwy
bag - no brand
shoes - enemood



Fashion Magazine Singles Interview

Fashion Magazine Singles

I had an Interview as a fashion blogger.
The other people in the photo are notable people working in the Korean fashion industry.
I am so proud of myself and love the work that I do!

The eyelash sunglasses is TATTY DEVINE,
skull rings are BUTLER & WILSON and labyrinth ring is FALLON.

The blue leather jacket is IRO that is must item for this fall.

Leather Jacket Blue - IRO
Eyelash Sunglasses - TATTY DEVINE
Labyrinth Ring Silver - FALLON
Small Crystal Skull Ring - BUTLER & WILSON
Crystal Indian Skull Head Ring - BUTLER & WILSON