Fashion blogger enemood

I had a photo shoot. The bangle and bag are from MANGO. The shoes are from ZARA.
Lastly, I think today's best item is the garter belt pantyhose. It made me look sexy.


Fashion Designer for Circle Square

"Circle Square"

Look at these unique jackets!! The patch resemble a human FACE!!
The designer for "Circle Square" who made these clothes is Korean.
I want people to know that there are many creative designers in Korea.
Their design and quality is so good and definitely don't fall behind other global designers.
I hope that many foreigners get to know Korean fashion designers.


Celine Cabas bag

I bought a Celine Cabas bag!!!!!
It was one of the items on my wish list.
The reason I love this bag is not only because it's Miranda Kerr's favorite bag
but it is very light and I can match it with any look!
I'm so happy to have bought a Cabas bag!!!


The rainy day

It was a rainy day in Korea today.
Actually, I don't like rain because it is difficult to get around and it also causes a heavy traffic jam.
Today, I went to a cafe alone to read a book.
The time spent alone was very comfortable and relaxing since nobody bothered me.
I'm afraid of the upcoming rainy season in the summer.
Anyway, I was thinking that I should buy some HOT rainy season items to add to my wardrobe!
Perhaps some rain coats and boots~

FENDI Selleria line pouch & card case

Brida by Paulo Coelho

HERA Sun Mate Powder
Kiehl's Lip Balm

Custom Republic Pencil case



Interview and photo shoot by fast magazine

I was interviewed by 'fast magazine', that features fashion and culture.
They wanted to know my lifestyle as a fashion blogger.
I also did a photo shoot and showed some of my favorite items that I enjoy wearing.
That kind of work always interestes me very much.
I hope that many foreigners get know me.


I'm a fashion blogger 'enemood'

I'm a fashion blogger 'enemood'

Sometimes I work as a stylist. It is really difficult to make someone look better.
But I still like the work and I will do my best for this shoot.

The cat, her name is "universe". What a cool name, huh!
I think the cat likes me! She kept walking towards me :)


Tory Burch clutch

Today I wore long dress and matched scarf and clutch.
Tory Burch clutch
DKNY shoes
Seoul is getting hotter. I wait for summer!!